Islamic Car Finance

Q. a permissible finance solution for Muslim beliefs in the UK?

Conventional United Kingdom financing options conflict with the core beliefs of the Muslim faith, and as a result, gives Muslims living in the UK who wish to finance a used car no choice but to go against their beliefs. The core of Islamic economics is a prohibition on interest, meaning Muslims cannot take or give interest on anything.

This immediately creates a problem for Muslims, as conventional banks charge borrowers an interest rate through which they make profit.

Sharia law requires that Muslim people are not permitted to pay or receive interest. In order to comply with Sharia, consumer banking has set up services for Muslim customers offering mortgages. This usually involves the bank buying the house but selling it back to the borrower at an inflated price and the customer paying "rent" until the total amount is paid off.

An empty space waiting for halal (Lawful/Legal) car financing has been evident in the UK. Interest Free 4 Cars aims to fill that void by providing an honest, interest free finance option on all our cars.

A Muslim car financing option has been required for a long time. Interest Free 4 Cars offer customers good, quality used cars on finance with no interest payable over the term of the loan. There is no hidden cost at any point of the agreement.

The cost of the car is spread equally over a maximum of 5 years. The borrower is the registered keeper of the car and is responsible for the upkeep of it including servicing and repairs. Extended warranties are offered (optionally) and can also be financed at 0%.

There are no fees for early settlement of the loan.

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